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About Us

Consomnio has been created in 2020 with complete transparency and parent-company connectivity in mind. We create imaginative clothing, adornments and items that support discoverhood. ‘Consomnio’ centers around textures like delicate cotton, bamboo and velour. The gathering maintains the conviction that infants ought to dependably be agreeable, snuggly and sheltered, allowed to do what they excel at: play, rest and flourish.

‘Consomnio’ makes one of a kind baby attire and accessories that commend those passing years when babies change into youthful little children. At the core of ‘Consomnio’ lies an idea of helping our little ones to dream and investigate the universe at their own pace. 

Our items let minimal ones be close to nothing — regardless of whether they’re resting, tossing oat on the floor or slithering through delectably sloppy grass.

The goal of Consomnio is to create a comfort that will help you and your loved one to dream. Please dive in to love and care of our brand and enjoy products that have been created with love and passion, products that will help you dream.